Lagerwey stands for Quality and Simplicity. We design and produce our own wind turbines and offer an efficient and reliable product. We prefer to deliver our projects turn-key and provide a complete service and maintenance package. Our flexible and transparent approach leads to long lasting relationships with our partners. Together with our customers we have been offering the world clean and reliable wind energy since 1979.

Innovation is the core to our success. In the eighties we started with two bladed geared turbines. In the mid-nineties we developed a three bladed platform with a passive cooled Direct Drive Permanent Magnet Generator. Our current product platforms are based on this design principle which allows us to produce a light-weight and efficient product. This leads to lower costs per kilowatt-hour and a lower environmental impact. Our innovative Modular Steel Tower (MST) is easy to transport and enables higher hub heights, reduces costs and is easy to build up and dismantle. Recycling of the MST can be done cost-neutral, saving project owners high costs at the end of the project lifetime.

Wind energy, combined with storage and grid solutions is part of a growing sustainable energy supply. Our simple and efficient platform and our optimal project solutions enable a reliable an profitable basis for your project. Allow us to be your partner in producing sustainable energy, we will show what advantage through simplicity can do for you.