Lagerwey installed L100 wind turbine in Lelystad, NL

Lagerwey recently installed the largest turbine – type of its newest platform, the L100-NL with a rotor diameter of 100m and a hub height of 99m. For more information, please see the press release of January this year announcing the deal with the farmers owning this 6MW site.

Within 3 days the mechanical completion was done and the 750t crane could leave the site, leaving the Lagerwey engineers behind to complete and commission the wind turbine which is now running smoothly, harvesting its first wind, right on time for the windy season and 3 weeks ahead of schedule.

The second wind turbine at this site is planned to be erected during the second half of the first quarter of next year and that one will use the Lagerwey modular steel tower reaching a respectable hub height of 136m and therewith it will be the highest turbine of Flevoland (the region) and probably also  of the Netherlands.

Wim Robbertsen, Project Manager of Lagerwey says: Good preparation from the desk and at site, good workmanship in the Lagerwey factory and excellent product design finally has resulted in a successful completion of the first L100 at this site. Satisfied customers and happy subcontractors, partners and workers result in ambassadorship, the best possible PR being the spoken word of the ones directly involved. Another good reference for Lagerwey, still many to go!