First Lagerwey 2,5MW wind turbines for Turkey

Lagerwey recently entered into an agreement for the delivery of 2 Lagerwey L100-2.5MW turbines at 99m hub height for a windy site in the North-West of Turkey, close to the Bulgarian border.

The agreement includes the option for extension of this small wind farm to 6 units.

The electrical infrastructure and civil works will be completed by the project owner, Lagerwey will supply its turbines including transport and installation with an all – inclusive service agreement which we call ‘Lagerwey Turbine Care’ (LTC). We aim to have the turbines up and running in march 2016 .

Ard de Poot, Sales director of Lagerwey says:

We are pleased that we finally can start showing our ‘State-of-the-Art’ wind turbines to the promising Turkish market. We firmly believe the Turkish market is one of the most promising ones in the near future as the energy need in Turkey is increasing rapidly, the economy is booming and the desire for local content (made in Turkey) is huge in Turkey and finds its roots in the Turkish way of thinking, protecting its market by avoiding ‘unnecessary import’ of both electricity and sources to produce it.