Change of address head office

As of October 12th, 2015 Lagerwey, a supplier of direct drive wind turbines, moves to a new location. Rehousing is a logical step in quick growth of Lagerwey. Huib Morelisse, CEO: “Last twelve months we had to deal with a large increase of our R&D and staffing, so we have to move to a more convenient office.”

New Office

The new office is located centrally in the Netherlands beside the A1 highway. On term Lagerwey is working on a sustainable solution, where all departments including production and assembly are accommodated in a single building.

New address 

Nijverheidsplein 21, NL-3771 MR Barneveld

Tel: +31(0)342 751935 (unchanged)

The location of our production and assembly in Wekerom (NL) remains unchanged.