Lagerwey supplies turbines for wind farm Nijmegen-Betuwe

Monday, 14 December 2015, wind turbine manufacturer Lagerwey and Foundation Wiek-II signed the final contract for the supply of four wind turbines, each 2.5 MW, for wind farm Nijmegen-Betuwe. Construction will start in April and the first wind energy will be produced in September 2016.

Aart van de Pol signed the contract on behalf of Lagerwey. Ben Dankbaar (chairman Windpower Nijmegen) Pim de Ridder and Volkert Vintges (both from foundation Wiek-II) signed the cooperation agreement on behalf of Windpark Nijmegen-Betuwe BV.

Sustainable energy for 7,000 households
De Ridder is very pleased with choosing Lagerwey as the supplier: “Lagerwey is a good partner for wind farm Nijmegen-Betuwe. Their turbines are a perfect fit for the intended location and we expect that the machines will contribute significantly to the energy transition of Nijmegen. Together, the four wind turbines will supply 7,000 households with green energy. ”

Based on extensive criteria, it was decided that Lagerwey will supply the turbines. Lagerwey expressed willingness to invest in the preparation costs of the wind farm. Moreover, Lagerwey wants to help actively to realize plans for a Green Central (a sunbathing area with connection to the heat).

Details of the windmills
Type: Lagerwey L100-2.5 MW
Type: Direct-drive turbine (no gearbox)
Mast height: 99 meters
Rotor diameter: 100 meters
Power: 2.5 MW (total installed capacity of the wind farm 10 MW)
Energy: 7,000 households

Earlier this year, the Nijmegen TV program 024Onderneemt visited Lagerwey. Take a look inside the factory.

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