First foundation wind farm Netterden

The first of six foundations for wind farm Netterden was laid last week. The foundation has been made by Reef-Infra BV, commissioned by Lagerwey, and civil contractor KSD. The remaining five foundations will follow in the coming weeks.

To harden the foundations they are covered up immediately after. The strength development is monitored by measurements and will be reached in approximately 45 days. After the foundation has hardened the assembly of the towers and the supply of the blades follows in April. The turbines will be constructed in May.

Netterden wind farm (consisting of 6 Lagerwey 2 MW wind turbines, each with a rotor diameter of 82 meters and a hub height of 100 meters) will supply energy for approximately 7,200 households from June this year. The wind farm is an initiative by BAM Construction and Engineering, YARD Energy and the municipalities Montferland and Oude IJsselstreek.