Lagerwey signs Gelders Energieakkoord

Wind turbine developer Lagerwey signed the Gelders Energieakoord (GEA) during the celebration of the first anniversary of GEA on March 17.

Huib Morelisse, CEO of Lagerwey: “Lagerwey is proud of its history as well known and appealing Gelders company. The signing symbolizes the contributions the company will provide to the joint strengthening of the energy transition in the province of Gelderland. Because a good cooperation between companies, governments, environmental organizations and citizens is essential to make the energy transition a success.”

The GEA entered into force on 17 March 2015 and is an initiative of Alliander, the Gelderse Natuur- en Milieufederatie and Klimaatverbond Nederland. It confirms and reinforces the commitments as is laid down in the Dutch SER Energy Agreement and is the foundation for the implementation by the province of Gelderland. In addition to accelerating the energy transition, the purpose of the GEA is also creating jobs, strengthen the economy and facilitating education (including training in the construction and installation sector). Also there is a focus on innovation.

Growth Lagerwey
Lagerwey is growing rapidly and thus contributing to the economic growth in the region. And additional jobs are created by hiring many new employees (73 people in 2015). By continuing to innovate in wind turbine technology Lagerwey will further reduce the cost of wind energy. Lagerwey also sees a role for itself in terms of improved information on renewable energy. With the aim of gaining more support and especially participation of citizens in the energy transition.