Lagerwey technology used to power up Russian wind industry

Lagerwey and OTEK, a RosAtom subsidiary, have signed an agreement for the licensing of Lagerwey wind turbine technology to OTEK. The agreement forms the basis for creating a professional and innovative wind industry in Russia. Given the enormous potential and ambitions of the country in renewable energy this will be a big step forward enabling the increase in renewable energy production.

The Russian government states that it has big ambitions for wind energy. It is committed to achieving the targets set by the Paris Climate Agreement. The government’s strategy aims at shifting towards a sustainable “green” development model. According to the national energy strategy 4.5% of all electricity in 2020 should come from renewable sources. Due to the large landmass of Russia and many areas with excellent wind conditions, the potential total wind energy capacity in Russia is enormous. By 2024 wind power generation production will equal 3.6 GWh. To enable this transition it set up severable auctions  for wind park capacity to be installed by 2020. Rosatom won 610 MW of wind park capacity in 2016 and 360MW at the beginning of June.

Huib Morelisse, CEO Lagerwey: “We are proud that we as a Dutch wind turbine supplier are instrumental creating a Russian wind industry. Lagerwey has been chosen as OTEK’s technology partner based on its innovative technology, easy logistics for transportation and construction ability to support setting up a domestic wind industry. This is an important step in the expansion of Lagerwey technologies.”

Joint Venture
Under the license agreement OTEK and Lagerwey will be partners in assembling wind turbines for the Russian market and adjacent countries. The license agreement is the starting point for creating a joint venture between Lagerwey and OTEK, which will be formed this year. Lagerwey will support OTEK in establishing an assembly facility for wind turbines in Russia. The aim is to produce components, including blades, for about 250MW of wind turbine capacity per year at assembly facilities in Volgodonsk. The support from Lagerwey includes training OTEK employees, setting up a local suppliers base (conform the localization requirements) and the organization of the assembly process.

About Lagerwey
Lagerwey has been offering the world clean and reliable wind energy since 1979. Lagerwey believes that sustainable energy is the key to a successful economy. Wind energy is clean, local and endless in supply. Our innovative wind turbines play an important role in the transition towards a sustainable society and creating a better world. Lagerwey designs and produces its own wind turbines to offer an efficient and reliable product. Continuous innovation is the key to our success.

About OTEK
The OTEK Company is a division of the RosAtom, managing the non-nuclear energy and utility assets of the corporation. Today OTEK is an effective power generating company, simultaneously developing into an integrated platform for green energy based on renewable energy sources. In 2016 OTEK added VetroSGC, a RosAtom unit responsible for the wind energy projects. Today under the OTEK governance there are 5 thermal power plants, 69 boiler-houses and 13.000 kilometres of electricity supply networks all over Russia.