Are you considering starting your own wind turbine manufacturing plant?

If there is significant market potential in your country, a long-term license agreement can be established for the production and sales of Lagerwey wind turbines.

Obtaining a production license from Lagerwey brings you following benefits:

  • Proven wind turbine technology from a company with over 30 years of design, production and maintenance experience.
  • Highly competitive wind turbine technology.
  • Acces to additional logistics technology, such as the Lagerwey modulair steel tower design and the Lagerwey Climbing Crane, to reduce transport costs and to unlock new, difficult to reach wind sites.
  • Direct Drive technology, which is more simple and robust than gearbox technology.
  • Excellent support from Lagerwey.
  • Assistence in setting up component sourcing from local suppliers.
  • Blueprints of products, processes and all other knowledge needed to produce.
  • Extensive training at our production facility in the Netherlands and training at your own production facility.
  • Lifelong access to our future technologies.