Our full service concept: Lagerwey Turbine Care

Preventive maintenance and simplicity are the backbone of the Lagerwey wind turbine system; they ensure high performance with low downtime. This is guaranteed for 5-20 years under the Lagerwey Turbine Care (LTC) package. We take care of everything between producing, commissioning and servicing of our wind turbines. The LTC offers you a reliable base for your project.

Key elements of the LTC package are a full service agreement and an extensive ensurance package. Our insurances cover all parts of the life cycle of the wind turbine. We cover the installation phase with separate insurances for down-payment, transport and construction all risk. During the operational phase the Lagerwey Turbine Care (LTC) service agreement covers all the technical operational costs. This includes a comprehensive machine breakdown (MB) and MB-business interruption (MBBI) insurance taken out by large reputable global insurance companies. Besides an availability and power curve warranty, the LTC package is an extended product warranty that ensures the turbine owner has maximum output for a fixed rate per produced kWh.


Full service concept

  • 97% availability warranty (depending on local conditions)
  • Power curve warranty
  • Preventive service program
  • Including wear and tear

Insurances form an integral part of the LTC

  • Machine Breakdown (MB) and MB Business interruption
  • Total coverage of damages with internal cause
  • Extensive coverage of damages with external cause